Help & FAQ

Can I visit your studio?

At this time we do not have an open studio but its definitely something we're planning for the future!

Will the colour of my stationery look like it does on my computer screen?

Due to variations in monitors, colour can differ to its appearance in print. Please ask us for a colour chart if you would like to get a feel for the colours in real life.

I need my stationery ASAP, can you help?

Print time will always be 1 week. Please select Express Shipping at checkout to speed up delivery.

Can I get my order delivered on a certain date?

We may be able to dispatch your order for delivery on a certain date depending on our schedule. Contact us if you’d like your order to arrive on a specific day - an additional delivery charge will be required for a Saturday or guaranteed delivery.

I need to change my delivery address

We are unable to amend your delivery address once your order has been placed for security purposes.

Do you ship outside of the UK?

We do - Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Do you provide printable (print-at-home) files?

In order to preserve the integrity of our stationery, we do not offer printable files. 

What photo file shall I upload?

The recommended photograph file is a JPEG at 300dpi, which will optimise the printed photo. Having said that, the most common photo we are asked to print is straight from an iPhone with positive feedback.

Do you print in foreign languages?

We do - email your sample wording to us so that we can check that the fonts used in your favoured design will be able to support any special characters.

What is on the back of the cards?

A small Lola's Paperie logo with website and copyright details is printed on the back of each stationery item with the exception of wedding stationery which has no logo.

Press and copyright - can we use your images?

We welcome your help in spreading the love for our design studio - please credit Lola's Paperie and link back to our url when possible. For press features, email

What are insert cards for?

Insert cards can be used to detail additional information that isn't suitable for the invite itself, such as specific timings for the day, location information, transport details or accommodation recommendations. Mini inserts are perfect for us as gift registry or wedding website cards.

How can I address guests on the invitation?

Most couples like to address their guests on the envelope. If you would like to personally address your guests on each individual invitation, we can print guest names for an charge. Alternatively, you may consider adding a dotted line or leaving a blank space to hand write your guests names. 

Can I split my invites between day and evening sets?

Sure - we do allow you to split your total number of invites between your day and evening guests. Note that stationery is sold in multiples of 5, with a total minimum order requirement of 50, with at least 20 of each (e.g. 30 day invites and 20 evening invites).

Can I order a sample?

You can order a wedding invitation sample here.

Our samples include a selection of specific items that are intended to give you a sense of paper weight, colour, format and print quality. While the samples do contain several signature items, they do not include a sample of every item within our extensive design catalog. Please refer to our online store to see our full range of design options.

Do you offer a custom design service?

Yes we do! If you would like something completely unique, please see bespoke for more info. Bespoke orders are subject to availability / schedule.

Can I lower my quantity?

Please take the time to consider your quantities before placing your order, as we’re unable to offer a refund on any quantity discrepancy once an order is placed.

Can I increase my quantity?

Please take the time to consider your quantities before placing your order. If your quantity adjustment is under a quantity of 30, we will issue a separate invoice with an adjustment fee in addition to the cost of the extra cards. If you’re quantity adjustment is a quantity of 30 or more, please place your order through our website.

Can I see a hard copy before going to print?

Due to the custom made nature of our products, we do not issue hard proofs. We recommend printing your digital proof at home to check the sizing and layout before approving for print.

I'd like to see the design with my colours and wording before I order?

If you would like to see how your invitation will look like before committing to an order, we can put one electronic copy together for you for a charge of £18. The charge will be deducted from your total if you proceed with an order for the same design. If you would like to order a personalised sample, get in touch.

Can we change the font?

We have chosen fonts that we feel work best within the design however, if there is a font you love from another design, we’d happily change it for a small design fee. Bear in mind that customers usually prefer and go back to the original font!

How should I supply my guests names and addresses for printing?

You should supply your names and/or addresses in an excel spreadsheet or word document. Your names and addresses will be printed exactly as supplied - Ensure you spell and capitalise your names and addresses as required. We are unable to support special characters or accents within this feature. 

Can I switch design once ordered?

We do allow 1 design change during the proofing process. Additional design switches beyond this will incur a £40 re-design fee.

Will the sample be the same as the printed stationery?

As a growing design studio we are constantly looking at ways to improve, and from time to time we may update designs, suppliers and materials. We cannot guarantee therefore that the sample you have received will be exactly the same as the final item - however, the products will never be of a lesser quality or too far removed from the sample or colours received.

Can I have coloured envelopes?

Of course - coloured envelopes are available at an additional cost. Please let us know if you have a specific colour in mind.

We love two designs and can't choose... Help!

All our designs are created in house so we have complete control over the design and can create a custom item for you making our designs fully flexible and interchangeable - you are most welcome to switch or borrow elements from our other designs if you would like to. 

Will you put the stationery together?

Invitations will be sent un-stuffed, ready to be addressed and inserted into the envelopes provided. Twine and ribbons are sent in full lengths, ready to be tied at home so that you can choose your preferred length. Paper wraps will require a small amount of adhesive (not included) to assemble.

Can you help with wording?

Sure! Once you have placed your order with us, we would gladly offer advice and guidance on wording your invites to get it just right. For tips and general etiquette rules, see wording.